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Raising the barre to new levels! Experience our signature Barre Fusion classes: a full body workout designed to give you a defined core, toned legs and buttocks, sculpted arms incorporating a fresh approach to Barre training in every class. This yoga, pilates and ballet inspired class focuses on isolated exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture.   Each section of strengthening exercises is followed by a deep stretch to create a long, lean look and increased range of motion.  Motivating music and an elite, expert instructor staff will guide you through a total body workout that focuses on strengthening and lengthening every muscle group.


We may be a little biased but our Barre classes are the best on the MainLine!! Not 1, but 7 different kinds of Barre! 

Barre -- Classical Barre, great class for all levels, including novice students. Class includes a dynamic warm up(full range movements), light weights, high repetitions for all upper body muscles. Thigh, seat and core work is always included, emphasizing proper form and technique for all positions. Hands on instruction so that proper form is achieved for each position.

Sports Barre -- A more athletic approach to Barre trg., faster paced with more large range movements. Formats can vary, but always include a Dynamic warm up. For upper body, weights, Kettlebells, Body Bars or tubing can be used. Props for lower body/core can include gliding discs, small balls, yoga blocks, tubing and flex bands. All major muscle groups are worked for a balanced workout.

Pilates Barre -- Barre exercises for upper body, thighs & seat/Pilates exercises for Core, lengthening and strengthening. 30 minutes of Barre exercises and 30 minutes of Pilates based exercises. Great class for students to learn and experience Pilates exercise before attending a full Pilates Mat class.

Booty Barre(30) -   30 minute Barre class emphasizing exercises for the glutes, hamstrings, back -- core will also be worked throughout this class as well.

Cardio Barre  High energy, No impact cardio interval training. Using a 6" elevated platform, tone and sculpt thighs, seat, legs, core and upper body. After Dynamic warm up, enjoy 20 minutes of cardio interval training with lower and upper body muscle sculpting/conditioning. Total body workout.

Air Barre -- Aerial Hammocks are used throughout the class in conjunction with Barre and Aerial exercises/stretches. A grounded practice. We will be using the silk hammocks as a prop. There will be no inversions and nothing airbourne! You will be grounded the entire class!
Total body muscle conditioning for upper body, thighs, seat and core strength!

Spin/Barre **NEW -- 30 minute Spin class followed by a 30 minute Barre total body workout.