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Lyndsy instructs the following:
  • This class will focus on the foundations of Yoga -- physical, mental and spiritual & is geared towards new students to prepare them to enter an All Level Yoga class safely, confidently & with proper form and alignment. Mild heat, 75-80 degrees

  • KIDS YOGA 9yrs-11yrs
  • Introduce your child to ALL the benefits of YOGA ~ Join Lyndsy for Kids Yoga. For kids (9yrs-11yrs)
    It all starts with OUR kids. We are their role models and want to give them the best life possible so they become strong individuals as they move into adulthood. Yoga does just that. Yoga gives kids an outlet to become more focused, calmer and of course flexible. Flexibility is not only in the physical body but also in the emotional, heart centered body. A child that is loving, compassionate and centered enjoys a healthy lifestyle that will move with them on their life long journey. The wisdom, as said by Mr Rogers, "I'm convinced that when we help our children find healthy ways of dealing with their feelings--ways that don't hurt them or anyone else--we're helping to make our world a safer, better place.