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Jen S

Jennifer began her yoga journey in 2013 after promising a friend to come to a class She walked out on her and thought "never again"!

Until she returned the next day....

"Yoga was everything I needed and I fell in love! I fell in love with my strength, my life and above all, I fell in love with me. Yoga opened up something inside me that was always there, it just needed to be brought out. I'm and grateful and blessed everyday for this practice. Both on my mat,and what I get to share with the world"

Jennifer is a ball of energy whose classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt! She combines creative sequencing with a dose of inspiration to deepen your practice. She weaves thought provoking meditations thorough class, while encouraging growth both physically and spirituality.

She completed her 200YTT, ERYT in 2014 at Yoga Power Works in Malvern, PA. In 2017, she also became reiki level 1 certified.
From leading workshops locally, Jennifer also travels internationally, on yoga retreats she leads.
She continues to be a student of the practice, traveling to enrich her mind, body and soul.

Jen S instructs the following:
  • In this intermediate class you learn all the important fundamental poses while also teaching some of the more challenging and difficult poses, including all the baby steps required. This Yoga class will be joyful and therapeutic, but not easy! Some experience is required.

    Respect and kindness towards yourself and your body is the first law of Yoga, and Yoga is the ANTIDOTE to ‘no pain, no gain’. In this class you will find the space where you are challenged but not forcing. You will give receive a strong practice of patience, attention and concentration for the body and the mind. Practicing at the edge of your comfort zone will create self-awareness and spaciousness, to help you become more present. Yoga cultivates a deep interest in how your body is functioning right now. 



  • PUPPY YOGA – January 26th from 1pm – 2:30pm

    We don’t need to tell you that cuddling a puppy feels SO GOOD! We found so many reasons to offer PUPPY YOGA. First, there’s a physiological effect that happens to us ~ Like lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and improving self-esteem. As if those reasons aren’t enough – the best one is that proceeds from this event go to LaMancha Animal Rescue!
    You’ll leave feeling good about your donation to the animal shelter and helping these little cuddle duds! Family Friendly Event

    Here are a few things you should know :-

    1. Don’t bring your favorite yoga mat.

    Here’s the thing about little puppies: They have teeny bladders! Once they arrive, they will be taken out for a quick pee pee before we bring them in the room. However, don’t be too shocked if you see one squatting on your mat! We have a collection of mats rescued here at the studio if you need to borrow, and we will have back up mats in case of any accidents. There will be handlers in the room ~ armed with the quicker picker upper!.

    2. Leave your socks & shoes outside.

    The puppies like to chew on things. To minimize choking hazards and tiny teeth holes leave all personal belongings outside.

    3. Not your typical class.

    Yes, it’s called puppy yoga. But probably a better name would be “OMG, LOOK PUPPIES” While Tiffany and Jennifer’s ability to stay focused in leading us through an all-levels flow while there are puppies running around will be nothing less than amazing. It will not be your typical class.

    This will be a beginner level practice, you can spend the entire class sitting on your mat with a puppy in your lap, or flowing thru a sequence. There’s no judgement in puppy yoga.

    4. Photos are encouraged.

    Usually, the use of phones in the studio is frowned upon. You’ll be here to unplug. All rules are off in puppy yoga. You’ll want to take selfies with the little fluff balls, videos of their clumsy paws scampering across the floor, and Boomerangs of their adorable puppy yawns. Snap away, my friends.


    LaMancha is hoping to raise much needed funds for the shelter but they are also in need of the following:

    Guess what!? You will leave in a seriously good mood. You’ve donated to an amazing animal rescue, you got your puppy fix AND you practiced yoga! A TRIFECTA OF TENDERNESS!