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Sarah T

Sarah's love for yoga started in college. She came to her mat looking for a way to cope with stress and relieve body aches. She fell in love with the practice as she realized it was transforming her mentally, spiritually, and physically. After graduating from Drexel with a BS in Health Sciences, Sarah deepened her practice by beginning yoga teacher training. Sarah received her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Svadhyaya Teacher Training. She is also a certified meditation teacher. She loves yoga for the community it builds, and for the practice's never ending learning process. Sarah truly believes everybody and every body can befit from yoga. She is a vinyasa teacher with Ashtanga and Anusara roots. In class she emphasizes breath control and alignment. Her classes are physically challenging, relaxing, and FUN! Sarah looks forward to seeing you on your mat!

Sarah T instructs the following:
  • Hatha yoga use the breath to create a link between the body and the mind. Hatha builds flexibility and strength while minimizing the chance of injury. There are no chaturangas or vinyasas in the class. This well-rounded style balances and opens the body. You will learn to still the mind and be present in the moment.
    All Level Yogis.
    Mild heat

  • This non heated class uses slow, easy movement, with an emphasis on connecting the body, mind and spirit. The focus of this class is gentle stretching and stress relief. This class is appropriate for students of all levels and ages, including beginners, seniors, and those with injuries.  

  • Find your zen while fine toning every inch of your body.
    This routine will make you feel two inches taller and three times stronger. This hybrid program is the exercise version of the perfect pairing: yoga and barre.
    You will flow through a vinyasa sequence designed to decompress & lengthen while toning your entire body through barre-inspired exercises for the upper and lower body. You're getting the best of both worlds in one workout—toned and sculpted arms, thighs, buttocks and core & much more ~ along with that yoga high.
    no mat needed!

  • In this intermediate class you learn all the important fundamental poses while also teaching some of the more challenging and difficult poses, including all the baby steps required. This Yoga class will be joyful and therapeutic, but not easy! Some experience is required.

    Respect and kindness towards yourself and your body is the first law of Yoga, and Yoga is the ANTIDOTE to ‘no pain, no gain’. In this class you will find the space where you are challenged but not forcing. You will give receive a strong practice of patience, attention and concentration for the body and the mind. Practicing at the edge of your comfort zone will create self-awareness and spaciousness, to help you become more present. Yoga cultivates a deep interest in how your body is functioning right now. 



  • The perfect way to finish out the weekend and get ready for the week ahead feeling aligned and centered. This class is an All Levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga class taught at a slower pace, breath is matched to movement, inviting candlelight, mild heat, 80 degrees. 

  • Find relaxation and balance with this class that will open you up, invigorate you, and restore you. This class offers a series of deep yin postures to relax, unwind, and open up the energy pathways. Perfect for all levels.