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Yoga Instructor
Dawn Altman, M.S., N.C.C., RYT-500, CYT.
Dawn completed her 200 hour teacher training program at Verge Body Mind in March 2012 and began teaching June 2012. In May, 2014 she completed level one of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy training at The Yogalife Institute in Devon. Yogalife Institute is nationally recognized and certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Dawn has completed training in yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for breast cancer recovery, and the trauma sensitive yoga training through Transformation Yoga Project. She is a Level II Reiki practitioner. In addition to her yoga teacher trainings, Dawn is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Bryn Mawr. In her therapy practice, Dawn specializes in helping clients to understand and resolve their issues at a deeper level, allowing for lasting transformation in their lives.

Dawn instructs the following:
  • "The quieter you become the more you can hear." -Ram Dass

    Yin yoga is a deliciously deep, meditative and reflective practice in which floor-based postures are held for an extended period of time.

    Unlike a dynamic yang practice that works the muscles through repetition, Yin works the deeper layers of the body such as the fascia, connective tissues, joints and bones. Yin is a deeply healing and nourishing practice with profound physical, emotional and energetic effects. During challenging times in our lives, our emotions can deplete our bodies of energy. The nourishing practice of Yin yoga helps to restore that energy for overall wellbeing. 

    Enjoy nurturing hands-on assists that move you towards a peaceful replenishment of body and spirit. Yin yoga is a wonderful compliment to any level of practice.

  • The fusion of Yin yoga with Vinyasa flow creates an integrated, balanced 60-minute yoga practice. The Vinyasa portion is flowing movement requiring strength and balance. The heat and internal awareness generated burns off excess energy allowing for a quieting of the body and mind in order to drop more fully into the Yin portion. These longer held poses are designed to release connective tissues and create space and integrity in the joints; allowing energy to flow through the body.

  • Yin Yoga - A Pathway to Healing and Self-Knowledge
    Sink into the stillness of a nourishing yin yoga practice and get to know your inner emotional landscape in this deeply calming, profound mind-body workshop.
    Yin yoga is a practice of long-held, deeply relaxing poses that open and energize the meridians of the body, restoring fluidity of movement in the joints and the fascia, and enhancing your chi, or energy. Neuroscience has shown that emotional trauma such as physical or emotional abuse, illnesses, and other catastrophes are also stored in the deep limbic system. We may not be consciously aware of these experiences, but they lie underneath the surface and contribute to a feeling of unease in the body and mind.
    The stillness of a yin practice allows you to become intimate with yourself on a deeply physical and emotional level, bringing unconscious feelings to the surface where they can be met with kindness, gentle compassion, and true healing.
    In addition to her work as a yoga therapist, Dawn Altman is a skilled psychotherapist who believes that asking ourselves the proper questions is the key to opening the door to the deep unconscious, leading to healing, transformation, and change. She believes in the powerful interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, heart and soul,and provides a safe, nurturing environment to this deep soul exploration.
    Investment Fee : $30 Members, $35 Non Members