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Kelly K

Kelly A. Kuder – (200 E-RYT) has practiced various styles of yoga over the past 14 years and never imagined the positive impact it would have on her life. "When I found yoga after decades as a professional dancer, especially Aerial Yoga, I was hooked. I love how yoga grounds me and Aerial Yoga lightens me bringing me to a place balance. Having the ability to share the gift of yoga and aerial yoga with my students is such a blessing.” Kelly is certified with the American Council on Exercise, a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and holds a Masters Degree in Dance. If you can’t find Kelly at the Yoga studio, she is most likely at home managing over 15 free outreach dance programs in the Washington, DC and Chicago region. She has the great thrill and honor as working as Regional Manager for the DEA Youth Dance Program.

Kelly K instructs the following:
  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Training - Level I
  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Training – Level One

    Earn 20 CEU’s - Yoga Alliance
    This training is a unique and fun way to expand your experience as a yoga teacher and the perfect way to earn your CEU’s! Receive a 70 Page Manual complete with pictures and detailed information. Yoga Nidra Instruction and Practice Included

    What is Aerial Yoga?
    Aerial yoga is one of the newest blends of yoga and aerial circus arts, utilizing a silk hammock as a prop to aid the student in surrender during traditional postures that are difficult to achieve due to minimal flexibility or strength, physical injuries and often times, emotional fear.
    Aerial Yoga is an amazing practice and fun way to change up your traditional experience with yoga on the mat, as well as a teaching yoga. Practicing Yoga in the hammock allows you to discover and unleash your hidden challenges and strengths. It balances and encourages deeper and unique stretching through a traditional Aerial Yoga Flow class.

    Curriculum, Practice and Teaching.
    Basic Beginner Level One Poses and Flow
    How to teach an Aerial Yoga Flow Class

    All sections of a traditional yoga class and will be taught in this training as well as:
    • Safety Information and tips
    • Benefits of practicing in the hammock
    • How to assist your students in the hammock
    • Centering the student prior to practice
    • Breath Work
    • Basic Standing Supported Postures in the Fabric
    • Basic Seated Supported Postures in the Fabric
    • Various wraps used in an Aerial Yoga Class
    • Suspended Inversions such as back bends, hand stands, down dog, hip openers, savasana, and seated postures.
    • How to balance classes of multiple levels
    • Safety elements of the rigging
    • Complete 60 minute class create and ready to use
    • 10 required hours – karma/apprentice hours
    • Assisting
    • Hanging and caring for your silk and equipment
    • Yoga Nidra Meditation that can be used to address fear and inhibitions

    What are the benefits of Aerial Yoga Flow?

    1. Physical Healing: Natural alignment and decompression of the spine and joints.
    2. Emotional Healing: Opening the heart, hips, and core so that the student can go beyond their fear to inversion, creating a space for svdhyaya, self-study.
    3. Spiritual Healing: Creating a new perspective, moving energy up to the crown chakra, broadening students understanding of who “I am” through the practice of isvarpranadhana, surrendering all to the universe.

    Yoga Nidra
    Yoga Nidra has been referred to as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a state of conscious deep sleep. When this state of deep consciousness is achieved, we are better able to achieve complete relaxation. During yogic sleep, your conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds work together to meet your physical, mental and emotional needs.
    Yoga Nidra is quite different from meditation. During meditation, you remain in an awake state of consciousness as you allow unconscious and subconscious thoughts to enter your conscious mind. In yoga nidra, however, you leave the waking state and move into the deep sleep state of consciousness, yet you remain completely awake and alert through the transition. In Yoga Nidra, your body and mind are completely relaxed and quiet. Although the body and mind seem to be sleeping, your consciousness remains fully awake in the deep sleep state. In this state, your conscious mind is able to explore the deepest layers of your subconscious and unconscious minds.
    - You will experience 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra in the hammock

    What will you take away with you?

    1. Background study on aerial arts and basic aerial yoga practices.
    2. How to create a safe environment for the student and address fear in the student
    3. Cueing
    4. Sequencing the practice to open and close the student’s hearts and Meditations that address fear and inhibitions
    6. Assisting the student
    7. Hanging and caring for your equipment

    What will be in your 2-Day Certification
    1 hour - aerial yoga class (included in tuition and built into training schedule)
    2 hour - aerial yoga class observation
    10 hours pose breakdown, peer teaching, feedback and practicum
    3 hours teaching to (studio students) and feedback
    2 hours preparing to teach one section out of the manual
    1 hour for lunch each day

    Teacher Training will be taught by:
    Kelly Kuder 500 RYT , 200 E-RYT - Co-Owner Transcend Yoga, Purenergy Aerial Guest Master Instructor
    Transcend teaches a Vinyasa Style Aerial Yoga Flow Class.
    To Transcend is to Increase your understanding; to go beyond. Transcend aerial yoga incorporates the practice of yoga breath, drishti, grounding, asanas, vinyasa, yoga nidra and meditation to draw your energy upwards to the crown chakra. Asanas and meditation focus on addressing fear that is trapped within our bodies limiting us on our path to peace.

    Certification Fee : $545
    Early Bird Discount SAVE $50 - $499 until 1/10/19