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Suzanne O

With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Suzanne possesses a broad background and expertise as fitness club owner, fitness education conference producer & educator in the fitness arena.

Suzanne owned clubs in the Washington DC and Richmond, Va area for 10 years, Contours, known for outstanding group exercise programs. Co-founder/owner and producer of DCAC Fitness Education Conferences in Washington DC, Richmond, VA & Houston, TX for 17 years, Suzanne has extensive fitness program knowledge. ACE, AFAA, Spin, Barre & Pilates certified, Suzanne has traveled on a national basis presenting fitness education workshops and as an AFAA Certification Specialist and Trainer. Additionally, Suzanne has studied the Pilates Method for 10 years with various training organizations and is a fully certified instructor with the Body Precision Pilates training program. She has also written several fitness articles featured in American Fitness,Shape Magazine and was Fitness Blog Editor for Also, Suzanne has starred, presented and created programs for several fitness workout videos/DVDs.

Presently, Suzanne resides in the Philadelphia area with her husband and triplet boys where she was employed as Group Exercise, Barre and Pilates Director at Club La Maison Health and Fitness Center. Currently, she is Training and Program Director at Purenergy Fitness Studio in Paoli, Pa.

In her spare time, Suzanne is a competitive USTA tennis player with a 4.5 rating, co-captain to two USTA national teams, Deltri Division one Captain & coaches the Westtown School Girls' Tennis Team.

Suzanne O instructs the following:
  • BUILD60
  • A PERFECT blend of cardio/strength/core training -- 20 minutes of body weight exercises, cardio and drills outside or inside with treadmill and/or rower, Boxing, strength training with weights. Formats change every week.
    Followed by our 20 minutes "Build" class:   Ignite your metabolism and shred fat fast with our custom programs and classes. In just 20 minutes, BUILD incorporates a variety of strength and HIT circuits using plyometrics, weights, Kettlebells, medicine and UGI Balls, TRX and agility equipment. You will get fit fast -- all levels.
    Heart rate straps recommended to monitor exercise intensity.

  • BUILD30
  • BUILD30:

    Ignite your metabolism and shred fat fast with our custom Build30 programs and classes. In just 30 minutes, BUILD30 incorporates a variety of strength and HIT circuits using plyometrics, weights, Kettlebells, medicine and UGI Balls, TRX and agility equipment. You will get fit fast -- all levels welcome, please come 10 minutes early to review proper form/technique with our professionally certified instructor team.

  • Experience multi cardio training with Spin and Rowing, plus strength and core training with TRX suspension exercises.

  • Complete total Body Sculpting and Strengthing using weights of different sizes. Major muscle groups are targeted for full range of motion movement in a variety of sets with dumbbells, Step 360, BOSU & TRX, Body Bars and small elevated platforms. This class builds muscle so the body can lean out. 45 minutes, all levels welcome, athletic shoes recommended.

  • Using the Barre and small equipment, specific muscle conditioning and sculpting for buttocks and Core.

  • You will be riding on the new Blade ION™ bikes! This class is designed to track real power—a rider's true effort.
    PLEASE ARRIVE 10 minutes prior to class time for proper bike set up. Heart rate straps are recommended to monitor cardio intensity.

    The SPINPower technology is unique because it tells riders how hard they are working, allows them to measure progress, and tells them what fitness variables they need to change.

    SPINPower program features:
    A Personal Spinning Threshold Test (PST) informs the creation of customized SPINPower training zones.
    Post-ride data analysis allows a rider to monitor and evaluate progress, and compare those results over time.
    The Spinner Blade ION provides an accurate measurement of how many calories a rider is burning.

  • An Introduction To Pilates Equipment a 4 Week Series
  • Anytime you are using equipment in Pilates, it is a tool to help you find the right muscles while using proper breathwork. Our equipment classes will Increase flexibility, strength and stamina, while improving body alignment, coordination, and balance. The result of this workout on a regular basis is a uniformly developed body with stronger core and back muscles.
    This 4 week series will help you get familiar with pilates equipment training so you can attend any of the group sessions. Before you take any of our Group Equipment classes you will need to take the Introduction to Pilates Equipment Series of purchase 3 Private Sessions.
    Investment Fee - $120

  • The Reformer, like the Mat, strengthens the core muscles and also provides non-impact spring resistance to align and strengthen the body. The exercises will tone your stomach, hips, buttocks and legs, improve posture and give you long lean muscle.
    A combination of Intermediate Mat work and Equipment/Reformer Class (tower or reformer). 
    Experience is required. Anyone wanting to try this program for the first time, 3 private pilates sessions are required.

  • A more athletic approach to Barre training, extra props and equipment are used to enhance overall sculpting for upper body, thigh, seat and core. A different format is used in each Sports Barre class. What to expect/wear: UGI, Gliding discs, tubing, bands and weights are used for an ultimate total body workout. Barre emphasizes barefoot training(no shoes), but toe sox are highly recommended for support and grip in Barre classes.

    Ugi ball(used at times) is a padded medicine ball that combines strength, cardio and core training into the most fun, challenging, perfect way to becoming functionally fit.

  • SPIN SPRINT 30 is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout for all levels to achieve optimal results in just 30 minutes! A different format every week -- music that motivates and drills that challenge and inspire you! A high intensity, low impact workout in just 30 minutes is an effective method to reach your fitness goals fast! Spin Sprint 30 combines high intensity efforts with periods of rest throughout the workout for high calorie burn, cardio fitness, increase in lean muscle mass, strength and endurance. New to Spin, come a little early so we can show you proper bike set up.

  • Get it all -- upper and lower body muscle conditioning with weights, tubing, bands, etc. plus Pilates exercises to strengthen the core. Appropriate for all levels. 

  • Barre Intensity® Instructor Training And Certification,
    OCT 27/28, 2018
    Saturday: 11:00AM - 6:00PM
    Sunday: 11:00AM - 6:00PM

    Cost $449.00

    **This isn’t your average barre training/cert. Barre Intensity® combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training to present a powerful and intense barre program in the group fitness space. Our goal is to provide you with the foundations and support necessary to teach barre fitness.
    To Sign up for this certification, go to the following link:
    Paoli, PA