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Spin Power



Spin Power ION cycle: Just released as the most accurate bike at calculating power output, Purenergy is the one of the few studio in the country that has Spin Power program along with Performance IQ that measure power and heart rate

Manhattan meets the Main Line!

Our high-energy, music-driven, indoor stadium cycling studio is equipped with the latest and greatest in spinning: brand-new Blade ION bikes from StarTrac, a Zoneboard to track performance, and virtual video rides to keep your ride fresh and fun. Purenergy's SpinPower classes offer a sizzling workout that burns up to 800 calories per class. Advanced Forward Motion Video (FMV) gives riders a captivating experience of travelling to far-off places from the seats of their bikes. Boredom, be gone!


Our technology guides you to perform at the right intensity in order to get the most out of your training and fosters motivation, as progress can be more accurately measured over time. After a quick sign in, live heart rate data, calories and motivating rewards appear on the screen during class.


After class, you will receive a comprehensive training report, breaking down their calories burned, time spent in each heart rate zone and the training benefit of the session. This is what will keep you motivated! This is what will give you the results you’ve been longing for!


New spin clients must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled class time.


Heart rate monitors 

To maximize and track performance we strongly suggest wearing the ANT heart rate strap which is synched to our software tracking system. (PLEASE NOTE: Polar and Nike monitor straps are not compatible.)  A limited number of loaner ANT straps are also available at our service desk at check-in.



The Zoneboard


Every BLADE ION bike is equipped with a computer which lets you know how hard you are working, how fast you are pedaling, and how much energy you have used. If you opt in (with your bike number or an alias), your numbers will appear on a screen in the front of your class, and you can compete against others in the class. This is guaranteed to make you work harder.


Appearing on the Zoneboard during class is strictly optional. If you want to keep your work rate to yourself, that’s fine. When you register, just tick the box that says that you want to hide your details from the studio performance leaderboard.  But we urge you to give it a try: Even our most private riders have found the Zoneboard to be incredibly motivating! You can opt in at any time through your account.


Whether or not you opt in during class, a record of every ride is stored in your Purenergy account, allowing you to track your improvements and beat your goals.



Give SPINNING a Try!


People of all levels can come to spin class, without anyone getting left behind or left out. You control the resistance on your bike and how fast to pedal. Nobody else even knows what resistance you are working at. There are people of all ages, sizes, and skill levels together in one class. Plus, if you do have to modify your workout it does not affect anyone else in the room. Your instructor will guide the entire class through the workout and encourage you all the way. You may feel some soreness on your butt from the seat at first. Everyone told me that it is completely normal and will go away. After just a few spinning classes it is no longer an issue.


Watch a short video on BIKE SET UP

Watch a short video on riding technique