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Visualize a New You!

Be the FIRST to baseline your body composition and measurements with our new 3D body scanner that records and digitizes everything from your height and weight to BMI, Baseline Metabolic Rate and more.
You will receive a personal data file with over 1200 measurements and 360 images.
You are able to see the slightest changes and where they are.
Stay motivated with the information that will keep you excited to achieve your lifelong wellness goals. 

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Checking your weight is a misguided, demoralizing way to gauge overall health. Many people are focused on the scale, but in doing so, they lose the bigger picture of transforming the body. The same amount of muscle weighs more than fat, after all, and yet fat takes up 22 percent more space, so the real measure should be volume. As you lose fat, you literally shrink, a fact that you can feel in the fit of your clothes. But it's hard to be objective when the scale is still creaking beneath your feet. In just 35 seconds Fit3D uses millions of data points that result in: 3D image, hundreds of accurate measurements, body fat analysis, health risk analysis, goal setting, posture analysis...test results download in seconds. Your personal data file is available to our on our web based platform for easy viewing on any device.

Fit3D allows you to visualize your muscle gain and see, in three dimensions, how you are losing fat-and where.  The machine takes the surface measurements of your waist, chest, and arms and then assembles a 3D model that can be rotated, panned, and zoomed from over 600 infrared images.

Initial Scan : $50 Non Members, $40 Members.
Follow up Scan : $25 Non Members, $20 Members