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Aerial Fun 

 Every Monday & Friday at 4:15pm

Feel Good, Have Fun, Play More


Join us for some just good clean fun. Our goal is to contribute to the community by offering both adults and children an outlet for play, self-expression and exercise. We think everyone should be able to run away and join the circus, if only for an hour.


Aerial yoga is a safe way to learn coordination and proprioception: where your body is in space. As the child twists, turns, balances, stretches and hangs upside down, supported by the aerial silk hammock, there is a great increase in body awareness. This series facilitates progressive learning – from basic to more advanced coordination, strength and balance skills. Aerial yoga uses a low-hanging hammock to support the weight of the body so the child can achieve proper postural alignment. The ending shavasana pose, cocooned and slightly swinging in the hammock, is deeply relaxing.


Clothing requirements: no zippers, Velcro, buttons, sequins, grommets or jewelry that could compromise the aerial fabric. Contradictions include heart conditions and glaucoma. Students with back or neck conditions should obtain doctor approval before attending.