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CoreAlign® Program


Part strength, part mind-body, part cardio and TOTALLY UNIQUE! CoreAlign is a training system designed to align your body to an optimal and fluid movement with an emphasis on core and posture.  CoreAlign workouts are designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement. Developed by a physical therapist, CoreAlign exercises facilitate musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training. Also great for performance enhancement and as a regular exercise regimen for a healthy lifestyle.


Unlike anything else you have tried. The fast paced exercises and flow will give you a cardio kick and challenge major muscle groups. The rhythmical, posture and balance enhancing exercises will remind you of the more challenging movements on the reformer. And the core exercises will test your strength in a totally new integrated way. Clients at all fitness levels feel the difference in posture and gait after one session.


Through the CoreAlign workout, we very quickly bring to the surface our weak links and compensatory patterning. In a sense we open a Pandora’s Box to our body. By addressing the CoreAlign, five phases of movement in standing position and by completing each exercise fully, the weak links that are recognized, retrained and reorganized cause the patterns to become stronger. By progressing through the CoreAlign movement modes, our body “memorizes” better alignment and becomes stronger and more functional. From this stronger and more functional alignment, we will perform better- whether we are looking to just stand up with better balance and posture, or are working as a highly competitive athlete.