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Here are a 8 simple tips to make 2016 your best year yet!

1. Start Slowly. The key to sustaining regular exercise is to not be too ambitious at the start of your program -- maybe try our EXPRESS classes and our FUSION classes to start with.

2. Build Social Support into Your Exercise Routine. Our studio is the perfect place to meet new friends – Try to encourage each other to take other classes.

3. Keep it Simple. Don't make exercising harder than it has to be. Take a class that you know is achievable and as you become stronger challenge yourself to take some other classes.

4. No Excuses. There are days when you're going to wake up and feel like the world is upside-down. This sounds like a good reason for skipping the exercise routine, but is precisely the reason you should exercise that day. Stress, depression, and fatigue can all be improved upon with a few minutes of exercise.

5. Exercise at the Same Time of the Day. Researchers have noted that people who have a regular time of the day that they work out have a higher rate of sticking with their program. Find the time of day that works for you.

6. Mix It Up. If you like variety, mix up your exercise routine every other day of the week.

7. Have an Activity Tracker to Record Your Daily Progress.

8. Use a Calendar to Keep Track of Your Progress Set a monthly goal that you'll exercise 20 out of 30 days a month, and if you go higher, that's great, but at least you won't set yourself up for failure by claiming that you are going to exercise every day. If you only exercise 15 out of 31 days in January, make up the additional 5 days in February and March.



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